I decided to use my good old friend, the Credit Card for this one. It’s a lot of money, and considering my last king-size memory foam mattress only cost £180, it took me a while to make the jump.

I just want to point out that their advertised ‘100 night trial’ is misleading. Normally, you do not pay for a trial until the time has expired, however, in this situation (as I already had concluded at time of purchase), they take the money up front. It’s more accurately a 100-day returns policy. That’s marketing for you. Stretching the truth.

Having said that, the stats do not lie. Here is a before using the new mattress from my Fitbit:

Before the new mattress

..and now after:

As you can see, my sleep has improved since swapping mattresses. There was a couple of changes I needed to make – a weeks worth of adjustment for your back, the smell, and most importantly, the pillows!

I found that I was waking up with backache every morning. I always had two pillows to compensate for the dent that was in my old memory foam mattress. So, a few nights back, I threw one of the pillows across the room and have never looked back.

So, I am almost a month into my trial. My conclusion so far?

I still look at it and think it is too soft, and I worry its going to do what my old mattress did. In reality, its not too soft, it’s just right, now that I have one pillow and my weight is balanced better. Dent-wise, there is a 7 year guarantee on the mattress, so if it does happen again, it’s a fault with the mattress. I’m not *that* heavy.

The cost: I can still back out and get my money back. Its a hell of a lot of money, but like I said before, the stats do not lie. I’m getting a better nights sleep, and perhaps it is worth the money after all.

All in, I’m happy and I am recommending the mattress to everyone – I am surprised at the number of people who have had a mattress over 10 years but complain of the state it’s in. They too are considering replacing them now, and taking my recommendation seriously.

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